Who owns the water? Performance @Elbphilharmonie

That was a blast! Creating a new way of performing a piano concerto in the Elbphilharmonie was both exciting and challenging. With the "Watermark" Concerto by Caroline Shaw I questionned our understanding of ownership. Having the audience humming the first note together with me and the musicians, I wanted to overcome the seperation between stage and hall, between artists and listeners. Who belongs the stage to? 

I even went deeper, by holding a light bowl filled with water in my hands and walking down to the piano from upside the Elbphilharmonie. A shared moment of mindfulness for our life essence which is getting scarcer and is still not available for all people. Who belongs the water to?

It was a moment of togetherness. A moment which connected us and once again make it clearer for me that we all have the power to shape the world we're living in. Thank you Elbphilharmonie and the Berlin Ac